Tia Oso

Speaker, Writer, Consultant

Tia's Next Chapter

It is the last week of summer. It has been a hot one, in more ways than one. As things cool down and we head into Autumn, a time of harvest, releasing and embracing, I am also entering a new season in my career. This blog is a long update on what’s coming up for me as things cool down temperature wise, and heat up creatively and politically.

New job alert: I have recently accepted the position of Senior Communications Strategist at the Action Center on Race and the Economy. ACRE is an incredible organization serving as a campaign hub for organizations working at the intersection of racial justice and Wall Street accountability. I am thrilled to join the team! Check out more about our work at ACREcampaigs.org and holla if you are interested in getting down with changing the narrative dichotomy of race vs. class (because its both!) in the progressive movement.

After the last U.S. Presidential election, I made a conscious decision to shift away from organizing on the front lines for racial and social justice and human rights via direct action and political advocacy. For personal and strategic reasons, I felt called to the front lines of culture and communications as a an organizing tool for transformation.

My time as Director of Impact with Revolve Impact helped me to further develop my skills as a strategist by working with incredible artists, influencers and creatives to amplify, innovate and advance the cause of social justice. I’m excited to continue building on this important intersection in ACRE’s research and campaigns as Senior Communications Strategist.

BLD PWR: One of my proudest accomplishments during my time at Revolve Impact is being a part of founding the BLD PWR initiative with actor/activist Kendrick Sampson and Revolve Impact Co-Founder/Co-Director Mike De La Rocha. I am continuing in an advisory role with BLD PWR and we are gearing up for several very exciting collaborations, so stay tuned in to @BLDPWR on instagram and BLDPWR.com. Especially pay close attention to the PSA’s we produced with the Black Alliance for Just Immigration about the crisis facing African migrants. stuck in Mexico. I can be reached Tia - AT - BLDPWR dot com for inquiries.

ZEAL: In further embracing my creative gifts, in August I became one of three L.A. based principle members of the ZEAL Collective Multimedia Group. ZEAL creates spaces for Black Artists to Thrive. As the West Coast Principle Manager, I help to lead ZEAL’s partnerships and program development. Join ZEAL’s mailing list for updates.

Tia On Tour: My speaking, training and consulting services are certainly in high demand (not so humble brag). I had the honor of speaking at the ThinkRubix Black Policy Lab earlier this month and the Center for Cultural Power’s Artist Power Summit. Next up I will be speaking at Harmony Toluca Lake on the #WeNeedToTalk panel on the Criminal Justice System and October 6th at the National Organizing for Women's #UnlockTheFuture rally. the embRACE L.A. initiative launched, bringing together L.A. residents for dialogue about race over a meal. Connection and authenticity are so important, and developing brave space for it to happen. in my role as trainer and dinner facilitator, I hope to support generative, transformative conversations. I thank the Community Coalition of South L.A. for inviting me to contribute to this courageous work.

Finally, I am most excited to be making my first visit to the UK for an international convening of Black organizers from across the globe! I will be teaching an interactive workshop about the global crisis of displacement facing Black people and communities.

If you are interested in inviting me as a speaker, trainer or facilitator, please use the contact form on this site.

Family Home: On a personal note, it has been one year since my childhood home was destroyed in a monsoon storm. My family is on the path to healing and rebuilding, and I truly appreciate prayers of blessing, breakthrough and encouragement as we take steps to transform our property and community. You can donate to our efforts here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/MonstoonStormDestroysHome/donate

I know my work with ACRE, BLD PWR, ZEAL and more will further grow my capacity, leadership and opportunities to collaborate. I am very interested in the ways I can use art, media and culture to have big conversations and have an impact at the personal, community and global level. Reach out if you feel there is alignment. I am excited for what’s next for me and for you too!