Tia Oso

Speaker, Writer, Consultant

Tia Oso Now Available for Speaking Engagements with SpeakOut Now!


Tia Oso has recently been invited to join the roster of activist speakers with SpeakOut - The Institute for Democratic Education and Culture. SpeakOut is dedicated to the advancement of education, racial and social justice, cultural literacy, leadership development and activism.

SpeakOut works with colleges, universities, schools, organizations, government agencies and the private sector, promoting critical analysis, creativity and innovative strategies for 21st century problem solving.

Tia speaks on a wide range of compelling social issues including:

  • African Americans and  Black Immigrants
  • Pop-Culture and Politics
  • Human Rights
  • Leadership
  • Black Millenials
  • Racism/Racial Justice/Racial Equity
  • Faith and Justice

Interested in bringing Tia to your campus or community? Visit www.speakoutnow.org/speaker/tia-oso