Tia Oso

Speaker, Writer, Consultant


Tia Oso is a speaker, writer, and Community Engagement professional specializing in Social Change initiatives. A dynamic social justice leader, Ms. Oso has organized campaigns such as "Not in Our State" and "PHX For Trayvon" mobilizing thousands of advocates for various issues in the public interest. This "desert diva" was born and raised in Mesa, AZ and now resides in Los Angeles, CA. Ms. Oso is sought after though leader on issues of social justice. 


In her role as National Organizer at the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, the nation's only Black-led immigrant rights organization, Tia leads African-American and Black immigrant communities in developing strategies for progresssive wins in racial justice and migrant rights. 

Tia Is a firm believer in the power of every day people to enact change in their communities. 


Photographer:Joy Thompson